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April 16th, 2010

01:52 pm - It's one of those days...
where the weather looks like it could break into glorious sunshine or torrential-bastard-rain at any point. I wanted to take Mimi out exploring, but it's a risky business when you don't drive.

On the other hand, this is my 'day off', so to speak. I only get two full days without working (like everyone, obv), but my schedule is pretty all over the place:

Monday: Work
Tuesday: Work until 1pm or 2pm depending on Mimi's morning classes. Mimi comes into the office with me.
Wednesday: Work
Thursday: Day Off
Friday: Work until 1pm with Mimi, then off to Read & Sing
Saturday: Work
Sunday: Family Day until about 3.30pm when we take Mimi over to her grandparents for the night.

So, yeah, I would like to DO something, but I've already cooked two meals, done three loads of washing, cleaned the floors, polished the wood and cleaned the kitchen. I quite fancy doing a bit of sod-all. Is that unfair on Mimi? She's currently strewing the contents of her toy box across the dining room floor, playing 'hiding' and pretending to use her potty (Good news!). She seems ok, but I really don't want her to think that spending a day with mummy is tedious. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...


April 4th, 2010

09:48 am - An extremely quiet Easter weekend...
In a, frankly, cunty twist of fate Easter has fallen at one of the busiest times of C's working year. So basically, aside from Friday (which was spent doing all the normal jobs like shopping etc) we are Clydeless.

For reasons unknown, Easter Sunday was always a reasonably big deal in my parents house. They put on a big lunch of turkey and all the trimmings, wine was consumed and the whole family was present. Sadly, my sister's schedules mean that this has been post-poned until tomorrow. Tomorrow Mimi will be at Clydes parents house for the day and Clyde will be at work. So it wouldn't be the same anyway. I really can't imagine a 'family dinner' without my family there.

Mimi is racing around the house, as per, leaving chaos in her wake. Otherwise it's all quiet here. Easter weekend really doesn't make any sense unless you are either with your family and friends, or on a world class bender (as in my misspent youth). I'm going to put her down for a nap at about half ten an maybe do some pilates. Rock and fucking roll. :-(


March 25th, 2010

08:07 am - Good Yawning...
I am used to getting up early these days. However, I am not used to being in work and hour and a half early. Today I hauled arse at 7.30am to get to work in time for 8am to let a chap from e-on in to fix our electricity meter. I suspect that this is an exercise in futility.

Girl From E-on: "we have registered a fault wiv your mete. It's not showing much activity at night."
Me: "are you aware that this is a shop? We close at half five and shut everything down. The only thing running is the alarm system and the fridge."
Girl from E-on: "oh. Reeeeeeeally? Well we'll send an engineer in anyway. 8am to 1pm slot ok wiv you?"
Me: "Gahhhhh!"

Aside form anything else, we have already gone through two rounds of failed appointments. If this guy actually shows up it will be a bloody miracle. The last time I complained they gave us a £20 credit on the account 'for my inconvenience'. £20 that I will never see. Great. If there is a god, she must put fuckwits on this planet for her own entertainment...


March 18th, 2010

09:06 am - Mothers Day Was Aces
Wow, how different is my life these days! Most 'aces' used to come from being blasted for 24 hours whilst leaping around in front of a band, at a party or just a cracking night in the boozer. This particular ace out-aced them all, however.

Firstly, The Cakes. Oh god, the cakes. Clyde & Mimi had spent the Saturday afternoon concocting heavenly dairy and egg free delights for me. Seriously, the frosting was to die for. I have banned all cake production outside of 'special days', as otherwise I will be come a 30 stone blimp. I was averaging three cakes a day from Saturday to Monday until I polished the lot off. I know, Greedy bitch.

On Sunday morning I had a lie-in. Only a short one though, as Noisy Toddler was being her usual noisy self. Eventually, I heard Mimi and Clyde creeping up the stairs with all the quiet a Noisy Toddler can muster and then Mimi literally staggered over to the bed carrying a bouquet of flowers closely followed by Clyde with a box of gorgeous bath oil from Molton Brown.

We had breakfast and engaged in Sunday laziness, followed by the biggest Shabu Shabu lunch. Mimi polished off about ten baby squids, tuna steak, noodles, beef, Japanese rice, mange tout, baby corn and sugar snap peas. She was so full her belly stuck out like she's swallowed a football. Then I chilled in the bath for a bit and we all got ready to go out.

We went visiting to my mums house followed by G&Ys, where Mimi was staying for the night. Then we headed home and met Ed & Sarah in the pub. I consumed more wine than was sensible BUT got another lie-in the following morning, so all was well!

A lovely 24 hours of family and friends and being spoiled rotten.

This morning Mimi and I are having a rare morning at home. At Mimi's request ("more gaga preeez mawmeee!" we have listened to Bad Romance three times so far. She sings the intro and the 'Gaga, ooh lala' bit and then does the 'Lady Gaga Dance'. Her other favourite song of the moment is Dominos, by The Big Pink, or 'Dominals', as she prefers to sing.

Right, must away. Child is currently trying to 'sail' down the corridor on her MooBike (a mini wooden trike with a cow-head on the front - not as creepy as it sounds), using a child-sized broom as an oar. It could all end in tears...


March 13th, 2010

01:23 pm
Tomorrow is Mothers Day and I am a mother. This sounds like an exercise in stating-the-bleeding-obvious given that my journal content is 90% about being a mother. However, I just have to remind myself sometimes.

I sometimes watch other mothers go about their every day life and wonder whether they feel particularly 'motherly' at any given time. I mean, I absolutely adore my daughter (daughter? see, there I go again. Sounds freakish that I have something as real and adult as a 'daughter'), but I don't really see a person who is naturally accustomed to motherhood staring back at me in the mirror.

I often feel concerned that Mimi will grow up considering me to be a bit lacking in the 'being a proper mum' department. My last attempt at baking was a disaster. I dance around the dining room to Bad Romance when no-one is around. I glug wine and listen to 80s New Wave on Spotify. I slap on the Lancome while making up words to nursery rhymes when I can't remember them.

How am I going to shape up in Mimi's childhood memories? Will she remember the thousands of cuddles and songs we share? Or more likely, will she remember me putting on lipstick and mascara and blow drying my hair? She certainly won't remember my culinary skills (or lack thereof), as Daddy is the chef of the house.

Whatever she remembers, I constantly hope that we will always have a good relationship and that we will continue to love each other madly.

I know where all this has come from. I've had a chequered relationship with my own mother. I need to get my mum a mothers day gift and can't for the life of me think what to buy. That's another hope: I hope Mimi always knows she doesn't have to give me anything.


February 12th, 2010

01:50 pm - It's been a while...
and for reasonably good reason.

Over the last 'howeverlong' I have been mostly:

a) Chasing an increasingly nutty and active toddler around
b) Handling a reasonably busy Christmas period both at the shop and at home
c) Annual stock take. Urgh, argh, boo etc...
d) Putting on Maidenhead's first outdoor art market and organising the second one. Manic.
e) Coping with Romilly-vomit. The first proper toddler viruses arrived with gusto.
f) Coping with adult-vomit. Toddler gleefully infects the rest of us.
g) Being generally unwell. I have anaemia. :-( I have to take many drugs for this. :-( I also have to see a dietician. I have spent over £50 on prescriptions this month alone.

Chuck in the usual rounds of baby groups, housework, regular work and...god forbid...a bit of grown-up time then you have about time to sleep.

So, yeah, kinda busy.

On the Mimi front though, there is much to report. She is now 'twentymunfs', chatters and sings incessantly. It's a constant battle of wills between what she wants to do and what we will allow her to do. Thankfully, at the moment she is sleeping, having had a busy morning at Sing & Sign. However, I fully expect her to wake up in the next 20 minutes with one of her many questions?

"Mawmeee, whereaaaaaoooo?"
"Mawmeee, whatdoooin?"
"Mawmeee, whehjuicegone?"
"Mawmeee, cbeebies preeeeeeeeeze?"

She cracks me up though. Her vocabulary is shocking. You only have to tell her the name of something once and it stays there. So often she gives a stream-of-consciouness-style running commentary of everything she sees as she goes along...

"Table, chair, book, mawmee's bag, mawmee's grasses, radorator, juice, trike, window, fridge, washin''achine, ceeereal, deeveedee, out side, aputer..." and it goes on and on regardless of where she is.

Favourite songs are: Wind the Bobbin Up, Twinkle Twinkle, You are my sunshine, The Hokey Cokey and Old McDonald Had A Farm. However, she sings so many other things to herself that I lose track.

Favourite things to do: Park, drawing, painting and sticking, 'cuddoools', singing, playing her keyboard, running around, eating snacks.

Oh, she's woken up. Better sign off for now.



November 30th, 2009

03:47 pm - In amongst...
all the other insane activity that December brings we now have the added bonus of a hilarious toddler in tow, witnessing everything for the first time. This is absolutely joyous but, as we discovered yesterday, can also be Toddlergeddon.

We took her to Toys R Us. Yes, we are fucking mental.

She ran in with her arms flung wide taking in the floor-to-ceiling wonder of it all. We laughed at her gorgeous little expression. We weren't laughing for long, oh no.

Toys R Us has been specifically put together to induce heightened emotional states in children. Even the most placid of nippers turns into a possessed devil-child when confronted with a room bigger than they have ever experienced FILLED WITH COLOURFUL SHIT. It's awful.

Thankfully, Mimi's tantrum was over a ball ("boool! Booooooooooool! Pleeeeeese?") and then shortly after because she wanted to run around. There were lots of bigger children whizzing around on trikes etc and it was a bit dangerous. But what's danger to a child in pursuit of brightly coloured plastic?

In the end we just picked her up (little legs going like the clappers, teeth gritted) and removed her from the store. And within moniutes she was back to her normal happy little self.

Toys R Us is the enemy.


November 19th, 2009

03:37 pm - It's a rare moment...
that sees me with time available to update my journal. I need to do this more often - mainly so that I can remember the literally masses of cool things my gorgeous daughter subjects us to.

She climbs!
On things, in things, over things. She is a one-toddler accident waiting to happen. She has sustained MANY more 'ouches' since her trip to the hospital and clearly has inherited her mothers poise and grace.

She eats!
With a fork, with fingers, with chopsticks, with gusto! Cor, she don't half like food. And bless her heart, despite not liking EVERYTHING (who does?), shes willing to give everything a try.

She jabbers!
Continuously, at length, to anyone. Her repertoire of words is getting ridiculous. From 'Mimi Pickcha!' to 'Pretty lellow caaaah!' and just about everything in between. Her current favourite word is 'Sawreee'. This is my fault. She had a rotten cold the other week and I felt guilty every time I had to wipe her nose because it was getting so sore, so I said 'sorry darling'. Lo and behold! Every other bloody word is 'sawree'. And to add extra hearty lashings of unneccessary guilt, she does the sign for it too! Making a little circle around her heart with her stubby fist.

She sings!
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Baa Baa Black Sheep (to the tune of twinkle Twinkle)
Wind the Bobbin Up
Ha Ha Ha, He He He...
Home Home, Time To Go Home
And her adaptation on an old favourite: 'Pretty Bells! Pretty Bells!'. She refuses to believe that it could possibly be 'Jingle Bells'. Stubborn little monkey.

In other news: Work is chaos. Due to a liberal blanket of family illness, the masses of work entailed in Art on the Street and other commitments, we are only just putting out our Christmas stock and getting our Christmas window ready. Given that we are normally prepapring for this in September, it's all a bit rushed and scary. This year the theme is The Nightmare Before Christmas. We've put it off and put it off because in previous years we wanted to win the annual Christmas Window Competition and didn't want to take any risks. However, we won last year so we can do what the hell we want! Hurrah! It all ties in beautifully with Tim Burton's new exhibition at MOMA in NYC. Hopefully we'll have photos to follow.

Right, madam is due to wake up at any minute and I still haven't done the work I intended to do for AotS, so best crack on!


October 30th, 2009

10:13 am - Hello Journal...
it's been a while. I'm such a busy bee right now that free time to 'do stuff' is in short supply, so I'm taking advantage of Mimi playing with her new steering wheel ("BEEEEP!! BEEEP!! GOGOGOOOOOOOO!!") to spend five minutes or so updating the world at large on the events of my boring life.

Well, Mimi has done her first stopovers at Grandparents, which is enormously liberating for C and I as a couple. Lie-ins are just so good. I'd actually forgotton how good. In fact, the lie-in is actually far far better than the night out beforehand! I'm such an old fart.

Talking of being an old fart, queen_moonshine and I headed off to Breezy Cosmopolitan Brighton this week to see Dizzee Rascal! I KNOW! This departure from the usual was a breath of fresh (sea) air and we had a hoot. Dizzee was aces, obv. Emily had a brief moment of obsession with a rather bouncy chap called, endearingly, 'Smurfie Psycho'. He did a song about Coca Cola, which is about as much as I can remember of his set as I was busily scanning the room for the presence of someone older than me. Thankfully, it seemed that a group of schoolteachers were having a night out. After spotting their display of inappropriate parent-dancing I felt a lot more relaxed about jumping about a bit. Incidentally, the Brighton Dome looks like the set of Strictly Come Dancing and is a bit of a weird environment for Dizzee. And me too in fact. I feel slightly bizarre about watching a gig in a venue where my feet don't stick to the floor and middle-aged men try to chat to you in the coat queue. Eeeek.

In other, glorious news - I am on the committee dedicated to bringing fine art to Maidenhead High Street! We're hosting an outdoor art market on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th December. It's a whirl of logistics, organisation and PR, but we hope it's going to be a big success. It'd better be, given the hours we're all putting in for the cause!

Signing off now. Promise to be a bit more communicative!


October 8th, 2009

03:29 pm - Doing too much?
I sometimes wonder how I manage to cram it all in.

I work four days a week, am a mum to an exhausting whirlwind of a toddler - looking after her all day for four days a week, keep on top of the household chores, take Mimi to two toddler classes a week (three this week), keep various playdates and I've just become a committee member for the first outdoor art market in Maidenhead.

To top this all off, I don't drive. Therefore I am (often literally) running from one place to another pretty much all the time. Tomorrow, for example;

7am: Up - tea for Clyde, Morning Milk for Mimi
7.30am: Bath & get ready (me)
8am: Bath and get ready (Clyde & Mimi)
8.30am: Make Mimi her breakfast. Mum usually pops over for coffee.
9am: Leave the house for work
9.30am: Start work, do banking & wages (Mimi in tow).
11am: Leave the office to take Mimi to Sing & Sign
12.15: Leave Sing & Sign, return to work, feed Mimi her lunch and recommence work
2.30 to 3pm: Leave work, head to supermarket (often) then walk up the hill home
3-3.30pm: Get home, Clear up house, attempt to get Mimi to nap, think about her dinner.
5pm: Make Mimi's dinner
5.30pm: Mimi eats dinner
6pm: Bedtime hour commences - quieten down house, put cushions down in living room for Mimi to cuddle up on.
6.20pm: Pjyama time
6.45pm: Bedtime Milk
7pm: Bedtime for Mimi.

Today we went to a baby gym with Sam & Cameron. When we returned home Mimi was utterly utterly exhausted. After lunch I attempted for nearly two hours ot get her to sleep, but to no avail. One one side we had morons drilling and on the other side DEVIL CHILD was being his usual evil self and screaming blue murder. She spent the whole time JUST about to drop off then being woken up and crying. She's so tired. So, as much as she's alright now, come 5pm she's going to be a miserable little nightmare. Great.

I need a break.


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