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October 8th, 2009

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03:29 pm - Doing too much?
I sometimes wonder how I manage to cram it all in.

I work four days a week, am a mum to an exhausting whirlwind of a toddler - looking after her all day for four days a week, keep on top of the household chores, take Mimi to two toddler classes a week (three this week), keep various playdates and I've just become a committee member for the first outdoor art market in Maidenhead.

To top this all off, I don't drive. Therefore I am (often literally) running from one place to another pretty much all the time. Tomorrow, for example;

7am: Up - tea for Clyde, Morning Milk for Mimi
7.30am: Bath & get ready (me)
8am: Bath and get ready (Clyde & Mimi)
8.30am: Make Mimi her breakfast. Mum usually pops over for coffee.
9am: Leave the house for work
9.30am: Start work, do banking & wages (Mimi in tow).
11am: Leave the office to take Mimi to Sing & Sign
12.15: Leave Sing & Sign, return to work, feed Mimi her lunch and recommence work
2.30 to 3pm: Leave work, head to supermarket (often) then walk up the hill home
3-3.30pm: Get home, Clear up house, attempt to get Mimi to nap, think about her dinner.
5pm: Make Mimi's dinner
5.30pm: Mimi eats dinner
6pm: Bedtime hour commences - quieten down house, put cushions down in living room for Mimi to cuddle up on.
6.20pm: Pjyama time
6.45pm: Bedtime Milk
7pm: Bedtime for Mimi.

Today we went to a baby gym with Sam & Cameron. When we returned home Mimi was utterly utterly exhausted. After lunch I attempted for nearly two hours ot get her to sleep, but to no avail. One one side we had morons drilling and on the other side DEVIL CHILD was being his usual evil self and screaming blue murder. She spent the whole time JUST about to drop off then being woken up and crying. She's so tired. So, as much as she's alright now, come 5pm she's going to be a miserable little nightmare. Great.

I need a break.


Doing too much? - MDF For The Soul

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