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October 30th, 2009

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10:13 am - Hello Journal...
it's been a while. I'm such a busy bee right now that free time to 'do stuff' is in short supply, so I'm taking advantage of Mimi playing with her new steering wheel ("BEEEEP!! BEEEP!! GOGOGOOOOOOOO!!") to spend five minutes or so updating the world at large on the events of my boring life.

Well, Mimi has done her first stopovers at Grandparents, which is enormously liberating for C and I as a couple. Lie-ins are just so good. I'd actually forgotton how good. In fact, the lie-in is actually far far better than the night out beforehand! I'm such an old fart.

Talking of being an old fart, queen_moonshine and I headed off to Breezy Cosmopolitan Brighton this week to see Dizzee Rascal! I KNOW! This departure from the usual was a breath of fresh (sea) air and we had a hoot. Dizzee was aces, obv. Emily had a brief moment of obsession with a rather bouncy chap called, endearingly, 'Smurfie Psycho'. He did a song about Coca Cola, which is about as much as I can remember of his set as I was busily scanning the room for the presence of someone older than me. Thankfully, it seemed that a group of schoolteachers were having a night out. After spotting their display of inappropriate parent-dancing I felt a lot more relaxed about jumping about a bit. Incidentally, the Brighton Dome looks like the set of Strictly Come Dancing and is a bit of a weird environment for Dizzee. And me too in fact. I feel slightly bizarre about watching a gig in a venue where my feet don't stick to the floor and middle-aged men try to chat to you in the coat queue. Eeeek.

In other, glorious news - I am on the committee dedicated to bringing fine art to Maidenhead High Street! We're hosting an outdoor art market on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th December. It's a whirl of logistics, organisation and PR, but we hope it's going to be a big success. It'd better be, given the hours we're all putting in for the cause!

Signing off now. Promise to be a bit more communicative!


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