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November 19th, 2009

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03:37 pm - It's a rare moment...
that sees me with time available to update my journal. I need to do this more often - mainly so that I can remember the literally masses of cool things my gorgeous daughter subjects us to.

She climbs!
On things, in things, over things. She is a one-toddler accident waiting to happen. She has sustained MANY more 'ouches' since her trip to the hospital and clearly has inherited her mothers poise and grace.

She eats!
With a fork, with fingers, with chopsticks, with gusto! Cor, she don't half like food. And bless her heart, despite not liking EVERYTHING (who does?), shes willing to give everything a try.

She jabbers!
Continuously, at length, to anyone. Her repertoire of words is getting ridiculous. From 'Mimi Pickcha!' to 'Pretty lellow caaaah!' and just about everything in between. Her current favourite word is 'Sawreee'. This is my fault. She had a rotten cold the other week and I felt guilty every time I had to wipe her nose because it was getting so sore, so I said 'sorry darling'. Lo and behold! Every other bloody word is 'sawree'. And to add extra hearty lashings of unneccessary guilt, she does the sign for it too! Making a little circle around her heart with her stubby fist.

She sings!
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Baa Baa Black Sheep (to the tune of twinkle Twinkle)
Wind the Bobbin Up
Ha Ha Ha, He He He...
Home Home, Time To Go Home
And her adaptation on an old favourite: 'Pretty Bells! Pretty Bells!'. She refuses to believe that it could possibly be 'Jingle Bells'. Stubborn little monkey.

In other news: Work is chaos. Due to a liberal blanket of family illness, the masses of work entailed in Art on the Street and other commitments, we are only just putting out our Christmas stock and getting our Christmas window ready. Given that we are normally prepapring for this in September, it's all a bit rushed and scary. This year the theme is The Nightmare Before Christmas. We've put it off and put it off because in previous years we wanted to win the annual Christmas Window Competition and didn't want to take any risks. However, we won last year so we can do what the hell we want! Hurrah! It all ties in beautifully with Tim Burton's new exhibition at MOMA in NYC. Hopefully we'll have photos to follow.

Right, madam is due to wake up at any minute and I still haven't done the work I intended to do for AotS, so best crack on!


It's a rare moment... - MDF For The Soul

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