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November 30th, 2009

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03:47 pm - In amongst...
all the other insane activity that December brings we now have the added bonus of a hilarious toddler in tow, witnessing everything for the first time. This is absolutely joyous but, as we discovered yesterday, can also be Toddlergeddon.

We took her to Toys R Us. Yes, we are fucking mental.

She ran in with her arms flung wide taking in the floor-to-ceiling wonder of it all. We laughed at her gorgeous little expression. We weren't laughing for long, oh no.

Toys R Us has been specifically put together to induce heightened emotional states in children. Even the most placid of nippers turns into a possessed devil-child when confronted with a room bigger than they have ever experienced FILLED WITH COLOURFUL SHIT. It's awful.

Thankfully, Mimi's tantrum was over a ball ("boool! Booooooooooool! Pleeeeeese?") and then shortly after because she wanted to run around. There were lots of bigger children whizzing around on trikes etc and it was a bit dangerous. But what's danger to a child in pursuit of brightly coloured plastic?

In the end we just picked her up (little legs going like the clappers, teeth gritted) and removed her from the store. And within moniutes she was back to her normal happy little self.

Toys R Us is the enemy.


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