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March 18th, 2010

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09:06 am - Mothers Day Was Aces
Wow, how different is my life these days! Most 'aces' used to come from being blasted for 24 hours whilst leaping around in front of a band, at a party or just a cracking night in the boozer. This particular ace out-aced them all, however.

Firstly, The Cakes. Oh god, the cakes. Clyde & Mimi had spent the Saturday afternoon concocting heavenly dairy and egg free delights for me. Seriously, the frosting was to die for. I have banned all cake production outside of 'special days', as otherwise I will be come a 30 stone blimp. I was averaging three cakes a day from Saturday to Monday until I polished the lot off. I know, Greedy bitch.

On Sunday morning I had a lie-in. Only a short one though, as Noisy Toddler was being her usual noisy self. Eventually, I heard Mimi and Clyde creeping up the stairs with all the quiet a Noisy Toddler can muster and then Mimi literally staggered over to the bed carrying a bouquet of flowers closely followed by Clyde with a box of gorgeous bath oil from Molton Brown.

We had breakfast and engaged in Sunday laziness, followed by the biggest Shabu Shabu lunch. Mimi polished off about ten baby squids, tuna steak, noodles, beef, Japanese rice, mange tout, baby corn and sugar snap peas. She was so full her belly stuck out like she's swallowed a football. Then I chilled in the bath for a bit and we all got ready to go out.

We went visiting to my mums house followed by G&Ys, where Mimi was staying for the night. Then we headed home and met Ed & Sarah in the pub. I consumed more wine than was sensible BUT got another lie-in the following morning, so all was well!

A lovely 24 hours of family and friends and being spoiled rotten.

This morning Mimi and I are having a rare morning at home. At Mimi's request ("more gaga preeez mawmeee!" we have listened to Bad Romance three times so far. She sings the intro and the 'Gaga, ooh lala' bit and then does the 'Lady Gaga Dance'. Her other favourite song of the moment is Dominos, by The Big Pink, or 'Dominals', as she prefers to sing.

Right, must away. Child is currently trying to 'sail' down the corridor on her MooBike (a mini wooden trike with a cow-head on the front - not as creepy as it sounds), using a child-sized broom as an oar. It could all end in tears...


Mothers Day Was Aces - MDF For The Soul

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