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March 25th, 2010

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08:07 am - Good Yawning...
I am used to getting up early these days. However, I am not used to being in work and hour and a half early. Today I hauled arse at 7.30am to get to work in time for 8am to let a chap from e-on in to fix our electricity meter. I suspect that this is an exercise in futility.

Girl From E-on: "we have registered a fault wiv your mete. It's not showing much activity at night."
Me: "are you aware that this is a shop? We close at half five and shut everything down. The only thing running is the alarm system and the fridge."
Girl from E-on: "oh. Reeeeeeeally? Well we'll send an engineer in anyway. 8am to 1pm slot ok wiv you?"
Me: "Gahhhhh!"

Aside form anything else, we have already gone through two rounds of failed appointments. If this guy actually shows up it will be a bloody miracle. The last time I complained they gave us a £20 credit on the account 'for my inconvenience'. £20 that I will never see. Great. If there is a god, she must put fuckwits on this planet for her own entertainment...


Good Yawning... - MDF For The Soul

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