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April 4th, 2010

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09:48 am - An extremely quiet Easter weekend...
In a, frankly, cunty twist of fate Easter has fallen at one of the busiest times of C's working year. So basically, aside from Friday (which was spent doing all the normal jobs like shopping etc) we are Clydeless.

For reasons unknown, Easter Sunday was always a reasonably big deal in my parents house. They put on a big lunch of turkey and all the trimmings, wine was consumed and the whole family was present. Sadly, my sister's schedules mean that this has been post-poned until tomorrow. Tomorrow Mimi will be at Clydes parents house for the day and Clyde will be at work. So it wouldn't be the same anyway. I really can't imagine a 'family dinner' without my family there.

Mimi is racing around the house, as per, leaving chaos in her wake. Otherwise it's all quiet here. Easter weekend really doesn't make any sense unless you are either with your family and friends, or on a world class bender (as in my misspent youth). I'm going to put her down for a nap at about half ten an maybe do some pilates. Rock and fucking roll. :-(


An extremely quiet Easter weekend... - MDF For The Soul

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