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February 12th, 2010

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01:50 pm - It's been a while...
and for reasonably good reason.

Over the last 'howeverlong' I have been mostly:

a) Chasing an increasingly nutty and active toddler around
b) Handling a reasonably busy Christmas period both at the shop and at home
c) Annual stock take. Urgh, argh, boo etc...
d) Putting on Maidenhead's first outdoor art market and organising the second one. Manic.
e) Coping with Romilly-vomit. The first proper toddler viruses arrived with gusto.
f) Coping with adult-vomit. Toddler gleefully infects the rest of us.
g) Being generally unwell. I have anaemia. :-( I have to take many drugs for this. :-( I also have to see a dietician. I have spent over £50 on prescriptions this month alone.

Chuck in the usual rounds of baby groups, housework, regular work and...god forbid...a bit of grown-up time then you have about time to sleep.

So, yeah, kinda busy.

On the Mimi front though, there is much to report. She is now 'twentymunfs', chatters and sings incessantly. It's a constant battle of wills between what she wants to do and what we will allow her to do. Thankfully, at the moment she is sleeping, having had a busy morning at Sing & Sign. However, I fully expect her to wake up in the next 20 minutes with one of her many questions?

"Mawmeee, whereaaaaaoooo?"
"Mawmeee, whatdoooin?"
"Mawmeee, whehjuicegone?"
"Mawmeee, cbeebies preeeeeeeeeze?"

She cracks me up though. Her vocabulary is shocking. You only have to tell her the name of something once and it stays there. So often she gives a stream-of-consciouness-style running commentary of everything she sees as she goes along...

"Table, chair, book, mawmee's bag, mawmee's grasses, radorator, juice, trike, window, fridge, washin''achine, ceeereal, deeveedee, out side, aputer..." and it goes on and on regardless of where she is.

Favourite songs are: Wind the Bobbin Up, Twinkle Twinkle, You are my sunshine, The Hokey Cokey and Old McDonald Had A Farm. However, she sings so many other things to herself that I lose track.

Favourite things to do: Park, drawing, painting and sticking, 'cuddoools', singing, playing her keyboard, running around, eating snacks.

Oh, she's woken up. Better sign off for now.



It's been a while... - MDF For The Soul

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